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Contractors have unique travel requirements. Compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and it Parts and Sub-parts related to travel is complex and includes operational, contractual and financial factors. Whether it is compliance with the Fly America Act, conformity with the Federal and Joint Travel Regulations (per diem structures), prime and sub-contractor obligations or unique accounting requirements and documentation, Romanov Consulting, Inc. has the experience to help you develop the policies and practices to stand up to the most rigorous DCAA review. Additionally, we know different policies may apply for direct and indirect travel, overhead and staff travel, group travel and sub-contractor travel. Romanov Consulting, Inc. has the tools, experience and options to address and leverage all of these types of travel to ensure value, support, control and productivity – delivering what we call "Travel Leadership". These efforts take the expertise and tools that Romanov Consulting, Inc. is known for in supporting the complexity inherent in government contractor travel. Romanov Consulting, Inc. is well equipped to provide this support and is consistently saving these organizations 10-20% over the national averages.


 Online and Call-in Travel Arrangements for All Traveler Types and Groups. Reimbursable, Non-reimbursable, Staff and Guest/Sub-contractor trips may require different approaches. Our services include tiered government per diem and project specific travel policy enforcement, customized and well-supported online reservations, 24/7 global support, group management, VIP services, pre-trip approval and the most experienced government contractor travel consultants in the business. We help manage our customers' projects across the entire federal sector, both civilian and defense.


 Reporting and Consulting. A wide range of web-based and customized reporting is available to speed reimbursements, track and monitor travelers and expenditures, distribute costs to projects and document compliance with the FAR. Our team will help craft travel policies, negotiate payment systems and benchmark results, to help you win and keep projects.


 Unique Rate and Schedule Access/Unparalleled Values/Complex International Travel Expertise. Our customers enjoy access to our airline contracts,  upgrades, waivers and the widest range of hotel and car rental rates offered through the best consultants and international rate desk in the business. No one goes further to find the best schedules and values.