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For over eight years you have been my sole travel agent. The fact that I continue to look to you for both my professional and personal travel over such an extended period speaks volumes to how I feel about your professional, on-time, and courteous service. You have always been looking out for me when I was “ontheroad” and I wish to say Thank you. Thank you for being there when I was stuck in Paris at 6 a.m., midnight for you, yet you still picked up the phone and got me out of a bind. Thank you for finding less expensive solutions to my travel needs while still meeting my sometimes demanding requests. Thank you for giving me the peace of mind in knowing that no matter what travel disruption I may face, you’ll be there to find a solution. I look forward to working with you for many years to come and wish you wholehearted success! Signed LP



To whom it may concern;

I have known Catherine Romanov, affectionately known as "Cat", and Romanov Consulting for

well over 10 years. In the early years of our business relations I discovered that she had a

company that was built on trust and loyalty. Her belief in taking care of people, her customers,

was well above the normal day to day business relationships. The company sincerely worried

about the travel needs of their customers and as to whether or not their travels were going as

planned. As a world traveler, I crossed many time zones, but could rest well in knowing if I

needed I could call her at 2:00am her time and she would answer.

The reason for the 2:00am reference, I departed Afghanistan on a military transport

unannounced, after arriving in Germany I contacted Romanov Consulting, 2:00am their time,

before I arrived at Frankfurt International she had arranged a flight to bring me home, what other

company would have been available at 2:00am, or would you have gotten an answering machine

quoting their office hours.

On another occasion, my family had a dreadful personal emergency early one morning, the loss

of our son. We needed to get to his home immediately. My first call at 7:00am was to Romanov

Consulting, they arranged an immediate flight. In no state of mind to worry about arrangements,

and to hear an answering machine when I needed help would have been a disaster.

On multiple occasions I have recommended to different companies that they should contact

Romanov Consulting and give them a try. My recommendation was based on their dedication to

their customers and their 24/7 reliability, you could always count on someone answering the

phone, no matter what time day or night. On every occasion, whether personal or business

travel, these companies always let me know how well they were treated and how much they

appreciated the recommendation.


John M. Hight




Can’t thank you enough for the flexibility and thoroughness you provide in making sure we are well cared for.


You are the best…seriously! Signed, TS


Our corporate travel is domestic and international, scheduled and unscheduled.  Romanov Consulting excels in all areas but the 24/7/365 availability is a major advantage in our line of work.  Many times we've had to get someone somewhere at a moments notice or someone out of a hostile country/enviroment and the staff at Romanov Consulting always delivers.  Signed TC.


I want to thank Cat for an amazing job. I might have had more problems making connecting flights than anyone else in the company last year, and Cat always answered the phone and saved the day. Cat, you are really great at what you do. Signed JD



YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your help on this trip, all the past trips and we hope ... future trips.  Signed JH